Rustic oak, also known as Quercus cerris, is a tree species that is rare in the furniture industry due to its unique properties and natural cracks in the heartwood. The wood from rustic oak is known for its strength, durability, and natural beauty. It has a characteristic reddish-brown color with prominent veins and a rustic appearance that can add warmth and character to furniture.

The rustic appearance of rustic oak gives furniture a natural and authentic touch. Knots, growth rings, and variations in color and pattern add character and beauty to the pieces. The reddish-brown color can be stained or painted as needed to match different interior styles.

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, rustic oak is also known for its long-lasting durability. Furniture made from this wood can withstand daily use and retain its beauty for years. The 
natural patina that develops over time only adds to the charm of the wood.

Rustic oak is a sought-after resource in the furniture industry, and sustainable harvesting of the wood in central Europe is important to preserve the ecosystem and ensure continued availability in the future. By choosing furniture made of rustic oak, one can enjoy both the natural beauty and the long-lasting quality of this wood.

Wild oak, known as Quercus robur, is an impressive tree species highly valued in the furniture industry due to its excellent properties and versatile usability.

The wood from wild oak is known for its strength, hardness, and durability. It has a dense grain structure and a characteristic light brown color that can vary from light to dark tones depending on the growing conditions. This natural variation provides a beautiful aesthetic to
furniture made of wild oak.

The light brown color and distinct grain structure of wild oak give furniture a natural and timeless look. The wood has the ability to receive various finishing treatments, including lacquering (46 Bianco), oil, or wax (1 Oil Wax), which can enhance its natural beauty and protect the wood from daily wear.

One notable characteristic of wild oak is its ability to develop a beautiful patina with age. This adds a unique element of character and charm to the furniture. Furniture made of wild oak tends to become more valuable and sought after over time.

Sustainable harvesting and management of wild oak are important to preserve this resource in the furniture industry. By choosing furniture made of wild oak, one can enjoy both its natural beauty and its ability to last for decades, making it an excellent choice for quality-conscious furniture consumers