Company history

Bodahl Moebler was established when its founder took a personal decision to work more in Denmark after many years of travelling around Germany for his sales agency. Flemming Dahl closed his agency in Germany and founded Bodahl Moebler in 2011 together with his wife, Lone Dahl. Since Flemming had built up an excellent network in Germany through his career as a commercial agent, the company was launched on the German market. With its steady growth, the company’s markets expanded slowly and surely to include most of Europe.

In 2015, Ejgil Jensen became a shareholder, and Flemming and Ejgil have been joint owners ever since. Ejgil’s skills in procurement, among other things, supported the existing skills within the company. The business flourished further and more staff have since been recruited. Concept 4 You was developed in 2017, focusing on end customers and their desire to leave their own mark on the unique pieces of furniture. Concept 4 You has since evolved and now allows customers to compose and design their own tables. In 2020, the company made yet another quantum leap when it moved into the world of digitisation and opened a B2B webshop, focusing on the visual presentation of the products and the customers’ options for designing and customizing their own unique and individual piece of furniture.

Company profile

Bodahl Moebler is a B2B trading company, focusing on quality, good craftsmanship and a rustic look. The company has designed and developed its own furniture range based on aesthetic designs and a blend of wood and metal. The attractive, unique structure of the wood is always incorporated into Bodahl Moebler’s designs and is always unmistakeable. The same applies to all materials used. This visibility and the focus on the characteristics of the materials as well as the craftsmanship involved in the wood- and metalworking give the furniture its unique, rustic look. Since our headquarters are situated in Holstebro, Denmark, good design is the essence of all of our pieces.

The quality of our products is not our only priority. We expect the same quality in other aspects of our business such as customer service, where helpfulness and a ‘can do’ attitude are essential. We take a professional approach and always try to find a good solution, based on the customer’s needs and situation.

Due to our wide network, across all of Europe, Bodahl Moebler is represented in the majority of European countries, either as an independent brand or via private labelling.